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what is energy healing?

Nurture Healing is a place where you can experience the benefits of subtle energy healing on your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies. When our physical selves are experiencing unease, whether in the form of emotional struggles or physical symptoms, it's actually a message from our deep inner selves that something is amiss within the perfect design of our being. Subtle energy healing clears and strengthens those places within our bodies and minds that are inhibiting us from living our best and most fulfilled lives.

We are all made of energy. When the lights turn on in our homes, we can tangibly see the glow of a bulb brighten the room. When our power goes out, we notice the absence of this energy and will anxiously await the power company to pull us from the darkness. Our bodies, as creators and receivers of energy, are susceptible to blips and malfunctions within our own energy grids and systems. While our own energy bodies aren't as visible as the lights in our homes, if we aren't maintaining this piece of ourselves, our physical bodies will manifest a way to show us that we're off balance. Maintaining a clear and strong flow of energy in and around ourselves will help us to ensure that our energetic health is fueling the ease in our physical bodies.  

The subtle energy healing techniques used at Nurture Healing are Reiki, Soul Centered Healing, and Anji Energy Healing. These are all complimentary, gentle healing modalities and are used together during your session. Your sessions are a safe and effective compliment to other treatment methods you might be working on with your doctor, chiropractor, therapist, or other practitioners. 


Reiki is a Japanese healing technique that utilizes universal life force energy to promote stress reduction and relaxation by clearing and strengthening your body, emotions, mind, and spirit. The Reiki energy clears negative energy blockages, balances your energy, and reduces stress to allow your body to heal itself naturally. Rei is defined as the Higher Intelligence that guides the creation and functioning of the universe. Ki is the universal life-force energy that animates all living things. It's benefits are so well known that it's now being practiced in hospitals to help patients attain quicker healing and deeper relaxation as they journey towards recovery.

soul centered healing

Soul Centered Healing works in partnership with Reiki to clear, revitalize, and reconnect your body's energy centers (Chakras) with your organs, glands, and other systems of the body. This method assists you in unwinding patterns and experiences that have created a sense of feeling stuck, ill, or unable to move beyond your current struggles. Soul Centered Healing helps to reconnect you to the original, pristine frequency of your higher-self, facilitating a beautiful transformation of your body, mind, heart, and soul. It assists you in opening to new and deeper levels of yourself, and therefore of wellness and balance in your whole being. As your body sheds its patterns and your energy systems become more aligned, you will feel more at ease in your physical body and much clearer in your mind and emotions. 

anji energy healing

Anji Energy Healing is based in the Laya Yoga tradition, where both the Kundalini and Tantra lineages of yoga evolved from. Is it said that through Laya Yoga, one can reach the highest point in their journey for inner peace and be able to synchronize with the energy of the universe. This being the goal of Anji Energy Healing, this method intends to bring you back into alignment with your true self through the transformation and awakening of your soul. Much like Soul Centered Healing, Anji Energy Healing works with your chakras and organs, while also bringing balance to your marma points (the points in your body that are located at the intersections of veins, muscles, joints, bones, ligaments and tendons), nadis (channels through which vital energy circulates) and koshas (layers of awareness that veil our true selves).




These sessions will help to clear, strengthen, and magnify your subtle energy body through the use of Reiki, Soul Centered Healing, and Anji Energy Healing practices as described above. 


All sessions are currently being done distantly as we "meet" through our phone call. We'll begin your 90 minute session by talking through your intentions for healing, then you'll lay in a comfortable spot where you are for the length of the healing, and lastly we'll debrief your experience together. I will be working within your subtle energy body and during the session you may feel gentle sensations of energy moving throughout your body (or you may feel nothing at all!). I encourage you to come to your session with an open mind and know that you will be cared for in a way that encourages your personal healing and growth. 

I am currently taking a break to focus on family and the creation of a new offering.

When I'm ready to emerge, I will share the news!


sara ream

Sara Ream, Nurture Healing Practitioner

My journey towards becoming an Energy Healer has been subtle and winding, but I think my twists and turns have unfolded in precisely the right manner as to give me the understanding and passion essential to sharing this work. I wholeheartedly believe in the profound impact of Energy Healing and have seen it beautifully transform my personal and professional life, as well as that of my clients. 


I've spent the past sixteen years helping to build and develop small businesses in the Asheville area, most recently as the Director of Human Resources for a local corporation. Throughout my career, my joy was always found when I was coaching or counseling coworkers and managers through personal life transitions and the myriad growth opportunities that came from leveling up professionally. Truly helping others to find the path or words or boundaries that suited them best was rewarding to me in so many ways. 

Along the way, I discovered that I wanted to explore a deeper connection to myself that would ultimately enhance my ability to usher others through their own awakenings and transitions.  This deeper knowing needed time and space and air to bubble to the surface, so I decided to leave my corporate life behind and allow the journey of my sabbatical to enlighten a new path. I was ready to traverse my inner landscape to find a more profound purpose for my time here on earth. I won't lie, leaping from my comfort zone was (and still is!) hard and painful and scary and beautiful and freeing and awakening, but I feel much more aligned with my true nature than I did before this transition.  

As I prepared for and finally made the decision to step away from life as I knew it, Energy Healing was one of the key tools that really helped me break through my barriers and patterns, allowing me to think more clearly, realize long overdue physical health in my body, and unabashedly step into the person I was becoming. The more I delved into it for myself, the more I knew that I wanted to bring these simple and subtle shifts to others' lives. 

I am a Reiki Master,  am certified in Soul Centered Healing and Anji Energy Healing, and am currently apprenticing with Daisy Marquis of the Black Mountain School of Natural Healing. 

“I had my first introduction to Reiki with Sara and it was an amazing experience.  I consider myself an open-minded person with a healthy dose of skepticism and I was absolutely blown away by how powerful and spiritually aligning this was for me.  Sara is knowledgeable and welcoming, I immediately felt relaxed going into my session.  I recommend her to all of my friends and I feel it should be part of everyone's self care practice.”

Kate H. - Asheville, NC

"I came to Sara during a very difficult transition in my life, where I just couldn't get any relief from an immense amount of grief. I had spent weeks crying almost non-stop and was completely exhausted physically and emotionally. After just one session, I immediately felt like I had ground under my feet again. The results have stayed with me as I heal.  I am more balanced and able to keep a broader perspective overall.  Sara is compassionate, insightful, and a true healer!"

Stefanie B. - Asheville, NC

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