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The Healing Journey

“Most of your healing journey will be about unlearning the patterns of self-protection

that once kept you safe.”

― Vironika Tugaleva

As you might know, I transitioned away from my role as a Director of Human Resources last October in order to shake up my life and my soul. I've spent the better part of this past year deeply connecting to the role that energy healing has played in my own life. Because I believe so much in the power of this modality, I've brought forth Nurture Healing so that I can share this transformative method with my clients. 

How has energy healing changed my life? 

I never knew that unfolding from my own limitations would be such an incredibly intense journey. Many years ago when I first found myself on a healer’s table, I thought I was there to address a few health issues I couldn’t get a grip on. Session after session, I realized that my symptoms wanted to be recognized as a helper, not reacted to in frustration and anger. They were there to wake me up out of my slumber, turn my world on its head, and show me what I’d been refusing to see.

With each confining layer and pattern and connection that energy healing helped me move through, pieces of my symptoms would simply fall away. With the clarity that comes on the other side of discomfort, I slowly morphed into a new version of myself and for the first time ever, I realized the connection between body, mind, and spirit. I’d heard that line for years, but I had no idea that my body was so acutely affected by the deep patterning of my thoughts and lifestyle.

As much as I wanted an easy fix to my physical symptoms, it took a minute to unwind my years of living, learning, and coping. Once I began working with an energy healer, it was nearly impossible for me to ignore the uplift in my mood, the absence of physical discomfort, and the fact that I was finally opening up to a broader idea of the universe. What’s more, my practical self was trusting a modality that I couldn’t physically see!

Now that I’m an Energy Healing Practitioner and helping my clients uncover the parts of themselves that are contributing to their unease, I realize that this modality is all about “seeing!” It’s tapping into someone’s energy body to see why their lights are flickering, why their internal power grid is down, or how they might have gotten their wires tangled over the years. It’s about bringing them back in touch with an understanding that the connection to their higher selves affects the connection to their mind and ultimately the connection to their healthy bodies.

If you’re interested in learning more about the energy healing sessions I offer, please reach out! Even though you might not be in Asheville where my studio is, I also provide distance energy healing sessions over the phone, which are just as powerful and potent.


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